Four Reasons Why Women Make Good Leaders

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How many times have you talked with a friend and said something like, “if more women were in charge, things would be different.” There are many alternatives to this particular statement, but I think we have all believed that women leaders would not get us into some of the crises that we have found ourselves in over the years – locally, nationally, and globally. We do not know this for sure, but we do have a sneaking suspicion, don’t we?

Women Leaders

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At a time in our society, where there appears to be a bankruptcy of leadership, look no further than to your mother, aunt, sister, daughter or niece. Look to them to see how their life experiences demonstrate the four reasons why women make good leaders.

First, women show compassion for children, others, the environment, animals, causes, and things. Women express compassion for the suffering of others, the wrongness of an act, hurtful words and strive to elevate the suffering and hurt.

Second, women believe and encourage cooperation. When the majority of women get together in a group, they communicate in a collaborative, non-competitive manner. They use phrases like, “let’s do this,” or “How about we try this?”

Third, women care about the process as much as they care about the outcome.

Women want to have an understanding of how people reach their conclusions, how they make decisions and how they solve problems,

Fourth, they believe the individual has the potential to be successful, whether it is the president of the company or the janitor. Women believe people have untapped potential. They support and encourage individuals to reach that potential. They assist people in setting goals and actions steps to achieve those goals.

This style of leadership is mostly based on values and commitment to doing the right thing, these reasons have not been seen as contributing to the development of a leader. However, as we continue to witness the lack of cooperation, lack of compromise, low productivity, and unhappiness with one’s job, these reasons are more important than ever to advocate for more women leaders.

According to Pew Research Centre, women have made only modest progress in gaining top leadership positions in the business world compared with their representation in the political realm. Today, 26 women are serving as CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies (5.2%). The share as CEOs of Fortune companies is virtually the same (5.4%). Even though the corporate world is still mainly a man’s world, women have made in roads in this area slow over time. Just 20 years ago, there were no female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

So next time you are looking for a leader, just look at the office, school, or company for the women who are waiting for the opportunity to lead. What are your opinions as regards women taking up leadership roles?

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