The Love

Last night’s coaching call was phenomenal. I don’t know about you but I woke up feeling lighter & with the assurance that I can actually handle whatever life throws at me. Stress management is not for a select few that wear a bag over their heads, it’s a lifestyle we must all embrace to live out fully God’s best for our lives. Lisa Eaton Ling you are brilliant! Well done to Aji & the team for organising this. If you missed out, sorry! It’s a monthly event in the comfort of your home and you can book the next coaching call here:” –

–Toks Aruoture, Founder The Baby Cot Shop

“I found the content well delivered, and this event was inspiring and very encouraging. I am pleased I attended this event”  .–Christine Giscombe, Founder Born to Excel

“Thank you very much for the conference. I enjoyed every part of the event. The panelist were great!”  —– Yemi Aiyewumi, Founder My Au Pair Finder

I recently had my first accountability meeting at an exclusive venue that oozes luxury and class. From our conversation and the many questions thrown at me to ascertain my progression with my business, I was convinced the knowledge and information that I had gained in just a few short hours was priceless. It was thought provoking and game changing to say the least and I am now convinced I need to step up as an entrepreneur. I felt an incredibly amount of support, have better insights and have already put processes into action as a result of our meeting. I cannot thank you both enthusiastically enough!! THANK YOU!!”

–Dee Burrowes, Mindset Strategist

“I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session. More of this in the future conferences”

– Simi Onalaja, Engie Fabricom

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