Member Spotlight- Hannah Oyewole


Hannah Oyewole

Hannah is an Inspirational writer, speaker and founder of Inspiration with Hannah. She encourages people going through life challenges, inspire on health, marriage, relationships and other general ethics of life.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I grew up in a family of ve children in Nigeria. As the first girl, I developed natural flair for helping people and taking up responsibility at a very tender age. I studied International Relations at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile – Ife in 1999 – it was a dream comes true. I had acquired several skills by the time I graduated and then decided to further my education in Human Resource Management at the master’s level. I had worked with various organisations including the Ministry of Justice United Kingdom, National Health Service (NHS) as HR Advisor, AfricaFreeAid – an NGO based in Switzerland until 2016 when I joined the Universal Periodic Review, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

What was your biggest career breakthrough?
.My biggest career break was when I got the opportunity to work with AfricaFreeAid, using best practice to put together its constitution that will deem it an Association to operate and developed Standard Operating Procedures for the Association, at the same time ensuring compliance with Government regulations. I found it interesting, educative, informative and refreshing.

What one piece of advice would you give someone just starting in this profession?
The first three things I will encourage an individual just starting up to do are:

  • Listen
  • Observe and
  • Maximize every opportunity, however little.

Why did you join Savvy Women Circle?
I joined Savvy Women Circle out of curiosity but I stayed within the Circle:

a. To stay abreast of free counsel and coaching, even though those giving them might not know I am tapping from their know-how.

b. To develop my writing skills

c. To continually learn and develop myself all round

How has been part of SWC impacted your business, career or personal growth?
It encourages me never to give up. I can achieve it so far I set my mind to it. It does not matter that I am a woman. SWC encourages me that being a woman is vigour and boldness

What would you like to get out of SWC member ship in future?

  • Accessibility to Mentoring
  • Discounted cards to one or two gift shops
  • Training
  • Networking with Organizations for Job
  • opportunities for members.

Our values are Connect, Invest, Support and Grace, which one of these means the most to you and how have you been able to apply this value to your life as a whole?
I would say, Grace. It is through grace that I am endowed with other values. I so much believe in supporting each other and that is why it beats me to see women bringing each other down. I await a new world where women stand together with and for each other, to build, achieve, progress and flourish. We absolutely need grace to do this.

So, Hannah, if someone were to describe you in one sentence what would she say?
I read a tribute on my birthday and I love it. God centred and an inspiration.


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