SWC’s Corporate Circle is a community of influential businesspeople and companies committed to promoting women’s economic empowerment. These organisations understand the importance of women’s contributions to business profitability and to the communities in which they operate. They are creating economic opportunities for women as an integral part of core business, community engagement and corporate diversity and inclusion.

The Corporate Circle connect diversity and inclusion professionals with academic researchers to provide insights, new ideas, best practices and lessons learned that challenge traditional paradigms.

Leading by example, their work can serve as inspiration for all.



Invitations to intimate quarterly meetings designed to explore complex Diversity and Inclusion-related issues. We bring together academic researchers and Diversity professionals to uncover practical approaches to addressing these issues.

Access to tips and tools including literature reviews of annotated lists of papers, reports, articles and other materials that bring a gender lens to topics discussed at quarterly meetings.


Opportunity to participate as members of the Savvy Women’s Circle Advisory Board.



Networking opportunities among professionals representing a cross section of different business sectors, all who are concerned with similar issues.


Recognition as a corporation supporting SWC’s mission on the organisation’s website.


Opportunities to sponsor and participate in SWC’s events, including the annual Appreciation Dinner, conferences, workshops, panels and research projects.

To join, please contact Alex Oketa at