How to Make Every Moment Count No Matter What

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I sat down opposite ‘my bloke’ as I fondly call him:  having dinner in central London: a meeting that he’d instigated after several procrastination. You should know by now that eating out at an exquisite restaurant is an experience I hardly say no to, especially when you deal with an overwhelming load of meetings and deadlines; it can be tough to make time for social life.

It was a lovely evening; we dined, discussed topics like politics, travel, and planned for more outings; little did we know that few hours after, he’ll end up in a plaster cast and unable to walk without crutches.

As human, when unexpected events occur, our natural state is to immediately switch into worry mode, feel hopeless, and let problems preoccupy us, act like victims, feel angry and bitter about the world.

Aren’t we all guilty?  Yes me too.

But I’ve learned over time not to allow an event to affect my view of the world, my vision and relationships. For instance, the fact that your previous relationship was a bad taste doesn’t mean all men are bad, and vice versa.

That’s why despite all that life threw and still throwing at me in 2016, I still declared the month of December my ‘’31 days of #FabulousAwesomeness, and commit to make every moment count.

So how can you make every moment count even in extremely stressful circumstances? Yours may not have been a broken leg; it could be unmet deadlines, unpaid debt,

Trust me, its possible to turn potential disasters into growth opportunities, in this post I share with you three set of attitudes, when use creatively, can open up opportunities for personal growth and successful living.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of these three attitudes:

  1. COMMITMENT– What are you committed to? What drives your commitment? Is it awards? Financial gains? When you are strong in the commitment attitude, you view your vision much bigger than self-gain, such that no event is important and worthwhile enough to warrant your full attention. For instance, if you planned to start your business this year, and you haven’t done so due to some circumstances, the fact that you haven’t done it now, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be done. In a nutshell; don’t keep your eyes off your vision, but change your tactics.
  1. CONTROL– Yes take back the control of your life! When you are strong in the control attitude, you keep trying to positively influence the outcomes of the changes going on around you. Rather than let yourself sink into passivity and powerlessness, you do your best to find solutions to your problems. Although this is a tricky one, as its important for you to understand which situations you can change and gracefully accept those outside of your control. For instance, if you have a broken leg and unable to attend your meetings, or even go to work; with all thanks to technology – you’ll realize the world is as closer as your imagination.
  1. CHALLENGE.– When you are strong in this attitude, you see change as instrumental in opening up new, fulfilling path- ways for living. You face up to stressful changes, try to understand them, learn from them, and solve them. You embrace life’s challenges, not deny and avoid them. This expresses your optimism toward the future rather than your fear of it.

So my friend, you have twenty-five more days to change the way things are; If all of this sounds good to you, then let’s taste the richness of life to its fullest amount, and send this year out with a bang, shall we?

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Let’s make every moment count!


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