Is Your Career You

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Career choices are numerous, if care is not taken we will end up being jack of all trade, master of none.

As a little girl, I will leave the house to school in the morning , take note of the day’s event, come back home to write them down and ask my little Sister Mercy to read the news out to the family. When I gained admission into the University, I joined a News Agency called “Megaphone” and I amplified the truth about the general happenings on Campus through writing. I enjoyed it.

Although, growing up I remember emphasizing I would like to be a Pharmacist, few weeks after, I changed my mind saying I would like to be a Diplomat. I was so proud of my decision that I announced to everyone. I remember my mates laughing at me that I will be the Ambassador of my home town to my birth town. Good, that stuck because I didn’t change the thought until after my first degree.

I am aware of my strongest skill, “people skills”. I show empathy, friendliness and excellent team spirit. Above all I love people and I love working with them, so I said to myself, it has to be Human Resources. I believe that is where I can mostly connect with people. I pursued a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and I thoroughly enjoyed working as a Human Resource Generalists for 5 years.

Before I go on, I will take a pause to tell you what I loved doing as a kid but never occurred to me could be a career.

Yes, it is writing. My mother’s famous sentence is oh Hannah loves penning (whatever that means).

I studied and worked in the United Kingdom for a while but I had to move to Switzerland few years ago. Moving to a new country where I could barely speak a word of French needless to say understand one, sprouted in me the desire to change my career. I started learning French and at the same time revived my passion for writing. I also make different kind of hairstyles for little girls and women to ensure I have petty cash.

Why am I writing about this?

Recently I was looking to change my body cream. I remembered using Forever Living Products (FLP) years back and they worked perfectly. At the same time I met with a distributor and he encouraged me to join the network marketing (FLP) but I told him it’s not for me. All I want is to use the products. But he pushed it to see if he can win me over. He reminded me he watched a video where I was interviewed on the role of women as house-wives. I basically said in the interview that I do not believe there is any excuse for a woman not to have something doing, however small. I guess he meant  this is an opportunity to go into  FLP network marketing to have something doing. I announced to him I actually make hair by the side.

This is where I am going

I strongly believe “This is me”. It is paramount for you to be able to say about your career that yes it is me. It will also motivate you when others tell you are good at what you do.

It is important to ignore what we do not have the capacity to do or purposed to do. We cannot all be fashion designers, writers or Doctors but if we are passionate about something, with tenacity, resilience and faith we can make a career out of it.

Let’s engage

Are you on the same career path you have always look forward to? Have you had reasons to change career path? If yes why, what are the challenges you faced, what did you do to overcome them or what are you doing to overcome them?

Inspire someone and leave your comments below

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